NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum Handbook Ad Application

03/14/2021 - 03/26/2021


Purchase a Handbook Ad and be featured on the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum platform! Your organization's logo will be displayed under the "Handbook Ads" tab on the homepage of the platform. Your logo will link to your organization page where your advertisement will appear. The advertisement will also be included in the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum Handbook.

  • Your organization will be featured on the virtual platform of up to 30,000 participants;
  • Custom landing pages for organizations to showcase ads;
  • Exhibitors can manage their own logo, description, video, collateral, staff profiles and more. You can also upload handouts and materials;

Any organization is welcome to apply for an Handbook Ad. However, NGO CSW/NY has the right to decline an application if that organization does not align with our values and working agreements. Please read our Donation Policy here before applying.