NGO CSW66 Virtual Forum Early Bird Exhibit Booth Application

03/14/2022 - 03/25/2022


What is a virtual Exhibit Booth?

A Virtual Exhibit Booth is a place where NGO CSW66 Forum participants can go to learn all about the sponsoring organization, campaign, or group. Participants can explore the Exhibit Hall on our Portal to virtually visit the different booths and learn about your organization, request more information, and virtually meet and greet with live representatives of your booth.

What can Exhibitors have in their booth?

A Virtual Exhibit Booth is essentially a small hub for your organization/campaign/group where Exhibitors can add and edit a logo, graphics, a description, links, downloadable materials, and videos. Exhibit Booths also include a chat feature where participants can engage with Exhibitors and other participants.

You can also host events in your Exhibit Booth by adding links to the events in your booth. Like all events during the Forum, Exhibitors must use their own virtual meeting platform (NGO CSW/NY cannot provide one for them). these events will also not be listed in the Agenda on the virtual Portal. Participants must go directly to the Exhibit Booth to join these events.

Through all these features, Exhibitors can host a robust program and campaign in their Exhibit Booth throughout the two weeks of the NGO CSW66 Forum. Hosting a virtual Exhibit Booth is a great way to promote your group and get participants involved in your organization, group, or campaign!

Important information about hosting a virtual Exhibit Booth:

Virtual Exhibit Booth features:

Any organization, group, or campaign is welcome to apply for a virtual Exhibit Booth. However, NGO CSW/NY has the right to decline an application if that organization/group/campaign does not align with our values and working agreements or remove an Exhibit Booth from the NGO CSW66 Forum Portal if they violate our Virtual Safety Guidelines. Please also read our Donation Policy here before applying.